epoxy resin flooring contractors Sydney

If you are looking for a flooring option for your house that is durable, easy to clean and slip-resistant, you might want to consider installing epoxy resin flooring. These floors can be installed in most areas of your home, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.


If you are looking for a durable and versatile flooring solution for your home or business, you may want to look into epoxy resin flooring. It is known for its impressive durability, as well as its ability to resist stains and corrosion.

The lifespan of your epoxy floor is directly dependent on how you install it. A professional team can ensure that your floors are installed correctly.

Depending on the materials used and the type of epoxy used, the durability of your new floor can range from months to years. The longevity of your epoxy floor can also be affected by moisture, which can lead to delamination. Using a dehumidifier can help to prevent moisture from seeping through the finish and damaging the floor.

The most important aspect of any epoxy floor is its adhesion to the substrate. The epoxy itself is made from two chemicals, an epoxide group and a hardener. The combination creates an incredibly strong bond. This enables the construction of the most durable modules.

Slip resistance

If you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and low maintenance floor coating, then epoxy resin flooring is a good choice. This type of flooring is easy to clean and protects floors from mould and mildew. It is also slip resistant.

Whether you’re applying a coat to your garage or a commercial space, epoxy resin flooring offers the durability, and style you need. It’s easy to apply and lasts for years without cracking. It doesn’t attract germs or dust, and it can be applied in any type of environment.

Slip resistance is one of the main considerations when you’re choosing a floor coating. A high traction surface is effective in reducing slip-and-fall claims by 50% to 90%. However, a product that is too slippery can make it difficult to clean.

Depending on your needs, there are many different types of anti-slip media available. Some options include specialised sand, aluminum oxide, and glass. All come in different sizes and grades, but will all help keep your surfaces safe.

Easy to clean

If you’re thinking of installing an epoxy floor, here are some tips to help you keep it looking brand new. Using these tips can ensure you get the most out of your floor.

To start, you’ll need to find the right cleaning solution for your particular flooring type. A good choice is a diluted ammonia mixture. You may also want to consider using citrus-based cleaners. These are known to break down the chemical compound of epoxy floors.

Another helpful tip is to use a broom to sweep away any dirt or grit. This will prevent scratches from happening and reduce wear and tear on the flooring.

You can also use a foaming detergent, which should be rinsed out with warm water. These are especially good for removing tough stains. You can also use a soft scrub pad, but don’t go overboard as it can degloss your surface.

Keeping your epoxy floor clean and shiny should be a regular part of your routine. Luckily, it’s not difficult to maintain your flooring.


In Sydney, epoxy resin flooring is a very popular option. It is cost effective, durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance. It is perfect for kitchens, retail stores, and industrial floors.

The cost of installing epoxy flooring will depend on the type of epoxy you choose and the amount of prep work needed. It is also affected by your budget. There are several different types of epoxy, including water-based and solvent-based.

It is best to talk to an epoxy flooring specialist. These professionals can give you an accurate timeline and price based on your flooring needs.

Depending on the amount of prep work, the epoxy floor installation can take anywhere from a day to a week. During the preparation phase, it is important to use protective equipment and wear a respirator. During the installation process, you will need to follow strict procedures, which will ensure the quality of the final product.

Compared to regular floor paint, epoxy is a durable and hygienic solution for commercial and residential projects. The flooring material will last decades without cracking. It also has excellent slip resistance and chemical resistance.