resin flooring contractors

Having resin flooring contractors install your floor can save you a lot of time, hassle and money. They will have the knowledge and expertise to do a professional job, and you will be happy that you chose them.

Epoxy resin flooring

Choosing a professional epoxy resin flooring contractor is a great way to ensure that you are installing the best possible floor. The right expert knows how to achieve the right balance between porousness and adhesion, as well as how to do a great job without causing delays.

There are several different categories of synthetic resin flooring. The FeRFA (Federation of Resin Flooring Association) has published a guide to the different types.

Depending on your needs and budget, you will have a wide variety of choices. In addition to being low-maintenance and easy to clean, it’s also durable, scratch-resistant, and has antibacterial properties. Unlike wood or vinyl, it’s also resistant to chemicals such as carbon monoxide and transmission fluids.

Choosing the right epoxy resin floor can add safety to your work environment. It’s a great option for schools, hospitals, retail stores, warehouses, and much more.

The proper epoxy flooring system will ensure that your floor lasts for years. This can extend the life of your space and increase the overall service life of your building.

PMMA flooring

Choosing PMMA flooring contractors is a smart choice, not only for the low maintenance and long lifespan, but also for the chemical resistance. The resins are impermeable to most chemicals, which makes it ideal for a variety of industries. Its closed pore surface prevents bacteria from sticking to the surface.

In addition, PMMA is highly resistant to water and abrasion. This makes it suitable for car parks and other industrial applications.

PMMA floors are fast to install and can be re-coated. This makes them a good choice for food and beverage production facilities.

Its quick cure time also helps reduce downtime. This means that businesses can continue to run while the flooring is being installed. In fact, a typical installation can be completed over a weekend.

The reversible curing process allows for easy repair. In addition, a PMMA floor can be refinished on the spot. This enables it to be returned to service in no time.

PMMA floors are also hygienic. They are a great choice for pharmaceutical facilities. They are also environmentally friendly.

Preparing the substrate for floor adhesion and protection

During floor installation, it is crucial to properly prepare the substrate for floor adhesion and protection. This can be done in various ways.

Using a floor primer is a great way to prepare the surface and ensure that the adhesive is effective. This will save you time and money in the long run. It will also help to reduce dust discharge and cement particles discharge. Moreover, a floor primer will guarantee a more permanent bond.

Another thing to consider when preparing the substrate is to make sure that the material is completely dry. Moisture may interfere with the adhesive’s bond to the concrete. To help determine if the material is properly prepared, the Elcometer adhesion tester is a great tool. You can use this test to measure the surface’s porosity and evaluate its condition.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the substrate is free from contaminants. Foreign materials such as nails, screws and burns may prevent the adhesive from bonding to the surface. This may require the removal of the affected material.

Maintenance of the floor

Despite the high resistance to wear and tear, resin flooring needs to be maintained properly. This will keep your floor looking good and prolong its life.

The best way to maintain your epoxy floor coating is to follow a strict maintenance program that minimizes abrasive dust and soilage. Also, be sure to remove any large stains and gouges from your floor. It is important to remember that scratches and cracks can happen even if the coating has been applied correctly. Fortunately, there are repair options that are affordable and easy to use.

Another way to extend the life of your floor is to invest in a professional installation. A company like Surface Systems Coating, for example, offers resin flooring for commercial and residential applications. The company operates on a national scale and has bases in Reading, Swindon and Bath. It is also a family run business with a 25-year history of operating in the coatings industry.

When choosing a contractor, you should consider his or her FeRFA membership. This is a governing body that represents the manufacturers and contractors of resin floors. The Codes of Practice of the FeRFA require members to meet specific health, safety and technical standards.